The best way to train your horse: Wildland Horsemanship Mirjam Dunkel
The best way to train your horse: Wildland Horsemanship Mirjam Dunkel

The best way to train your horse: Wildland Horsemanship Mirjam Dunkel

Level up your horsemanship with my instructional videos. Deepen your bond and expand your skills through valuable insights and techniques.

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Love means growing together, but growth looks different to everyone.

Your journey starts with your dream...

Do you know your horse? Do you know yourself?

My short videos on this learning platform from Wildland Horsemanship will teach you everything I know. You'll learn how to build trust, how to work freely and improve your riding skills, how to hike with horses, master trail obstacles, trailer loading and much more.

Central to this is that you also understand my principles: the WHY is just as important as the HOW. This is the only way to open up your own personal training path in the long term. Quite simply because every person and every horse has its own individual characteristics.

"The things your heart longs for, the things that have deep meaning, the things that truly fulfill you, all require patience. They all require your commitment."


What do my learning videos look like?

Here you can get a small taste of my learning videos from the section "Relationship building." Video in Swiss dialect.



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Learn anywhere, anytime.

Enjoy the convenience of watching my videos, no matter where you find yourself. Whether you're at home, traveling, or exploring new horizons, my videos are readily available for your viewing pleasure.

Pricing, Payments & Cancellation

How much does a Wildland Horsemanship membership cost?

As a member of the Mirjam Dunkel Wildland Horsemanship Learning Platform you will get direct access to all available training videos. You can choose your own auto renewal payment plan:

Monthly: $15.80
Yearly: $170

You can cancel at any time. See “Can I cancel my membership at any time” below for more information.

How can I pay?

You can pay with:

  • Creditcard

  • Google Pay

After the first payment, subsequent payments are made automatically until the membership is cancelled by you.

Can I cancel my membership at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your membership at any time. Cancel your membership before the auto renewal date. Which is exactly after one period (monthly or yearly based on your chosen membership plan).

When you cancel your membership, your membership ends after the period you already paid for (no refund for the already paid period). For example: if you become a “Monthly Member” on the 10th of January, and you cancel the membership 3 days later on the 13th of January, your membership will be active till the 10th of February. 

How do I cancel my membership?

You can easily cancel your membership on your dashboard in your account.

Do I still have access to the training videos after I cancel?

You keep access to the videos for the period for which you have already paid. After this period you will not be able to access the training videos anymore.

For example: if you have a yearly membership and cancel it after 11 months, you will keep access to the videos for 1 more month (the period you have already paid for). After this period you will not have access to any video anymore.

Of course we would love to see you back as a member of the Wildland Horsemanship heard after you cancelled your membership. 

What is included in the subscription plan?

You get unlimited access to all learning videos. No hidden costs, no in-app purchases!

How do I change my membership / payment plan (to monthly, quarterly, yearly)?

As many members stay with us for a long time, we can imagine most of them want to change to a cheaper yearly payment plan. You can easily change your payment plan in your dashboard.

Can I use my mobile phone?

Yes of course!

The videos can be viewed on your PC as well as on a tablet or mobile phone.

Where can I download my invoice?

You can check your invoice history in your dashboard. There you will have access to your receipts and print them.

My dream

I would love to see these videos and knowledge get out into the world to help as many horses and people as possible. I wish that you have fun learning and enjoy the beautiful videos. This is my dream!

About the training videos

What is included in the membership?

If you sign up as a member of Wildland Horsemanship you will get immediate access to all training videos. This membership will increase you horsemanship skills and you will get that true connection with your horses. If you would like to have a specific video about a specific topic, write me your requests at:

Can I watch the training videos every where I want?

Yes, you can stream the training videos everywhere you want, as long as you have an internet connection.

You cannot and are not allowed to download the videos. The copyright is owned by Mirjam Dunkel Wildland Horsemanship.

For whom is this membership designed?

If you have a horse or love horses, this subscription is designed for you! It doesn’t matter what discipline you are in, whether you are into dressage, doing jumping, if you are a western rider or a recreational rider who loves his horse. If you want to understand your horse and develop yourself and your relationship with your horse, this membership is for you! 

Where were the videos shot?

Most videos we filmed in beautiful nature. 

For the trail riding videos I traveled to Montana & Wyoming and was there for one month on the trail with a mustang. We also filmed in Arizona, Spain and Switzerland. More is yet to come :-)

Which horses did we use for the videos?

For the training principles i mainly used my two horses, the Lusitano gelding "MitaMita" and the Cruzado mare "Llluvia". I wanted to show in the principles how it can look, so you have a picture. Even though they are both still young, they already have a certain level of training. I trained both of them myself.

In all the other videos, I mostly worked with other people's horses that don't know the exercises yet. Just to show you how you can teach a horse something.